Daffodil Planting At The Glenmark Domain

At the end of last term, Waipara School were involved in planting heaps of daffodil bulbs under the oak trees at our historic domain on Glenmark Drive. An afternoon out in the sun, all actively involved in our community.

Gymnastics In Rangiora

Waipara School journeyed over to ICE Trampoline in Rangiora to culminate their gymnastics learnings at the end of Term Two. Children bounced, climbed, flew through the air, swung, rolled, stood on their hands and hung around, having fun. What a great morning to spend with the attentive and knowledgable staff at the facility. Thank you.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

Kites getting air on our field on our Matariki Celebration Day – actually, there was not that much wind…..unusual for Waipara!!!!!

Matariki Breakfast

Waipara School community members and families were invited to a dawn breakfast to celebrate the rising of the Matariki star constellation on the north eastern horizon. Forty five brave souls braved the early morning and frosty start to the day on Thursday 23 June. The menu consisted of hearty porridge to start the feast, followed […]

Autumn Fun In The Sunshine

Big kids and little kids building a pyramid with bodies, and having fun in the lunchtime sunshine. That is the joy of a school like ours – all playing happily together.

North Canterbury Debating Competition

Waipara School has entered two teams in the North Canterbury debating competition being held this term. Our Year 8 team debated against West Eyreton taking the affirmative stance in the argument: North Canterbury is the best place to grow up in New Zealand. Hannah, Natalie and Astara wowed the audience with their reasonings, but the […]