Published on Saturday, 26 August 2017, 8:56 a.m. Print Article

On Friday 25 August, under a blue sky and sunny conditions, the whole school headed to Mt Lyford to have a day of skiing and fun in the snow. Each child enjoyed a ski lesson, funded by our awesome PTA fundraising group, and could then practise their new found skills on the learners' slope or out on the mountain - accompanied by a skiing adult of course. This photograph shows Carlos, with huge concentration, doing a pizza wedge, to make him stop and Bruce, our instructor. A huge thank you to the parents, who transported children to the mountain and who also either skied with children during the day, or helped pick children up off the snow! Highlight of the day was seeing parents, staff and children whizzing down the mountain on sledges and polythene! Being the best we can be - an awesome day out. Thanks to the parents, who packed their children off with hearty lunches and clothing suitable for the day. Well done all!